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Eröffnung 8. Juni 18:30 Uhr

Many of the artifacts of Hanakam & Schuller, an artist duo that lives in Vienna, are shapeshifters, changing their outer form and then reappearing in a variety of contexts. As artists and explorers, Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schuller redesign the rules of the fine arts for their own purposes and create unconventional arrangements and new world designs in videos and objects. They also work with applied artforms. Their works have been shown in Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt, the Eyebeam art and technology center in New York, Paris’ Palais de Tokyo, Moscow’s Garage Museum of Contemporary Culture, Vienna’s MAK, the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles, and Tokyo’s National Art Center. Their video animation The Borgia Device (Second Day) is part of the show ANTHROPOCENE ON HOLD - 20 artists address the impact of a global pandemic on arts ecosystems and earth's resilience and sustainability - by PCAI Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative in Piraeus, Greece, curated by Kika Kyriakakou, accompanied by a catalogue with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Nadim
Samman, Selina Nwulu (2020–21).

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